Vanzetti Engineering LNG Submerged Pump Artika Series

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Wednesday, 22 October 2008 13:06
Vanzetti Sub pump

Vanzetti Engineering has developed a ground-breaking SUBMERGED PUMP for the following applications:

> LNG refueling (heavy-duty trucks, long-haul vehicles, boats, etc.)
> Liquid transfer (storages / trucks / ISO-containers loading / offloading)
> Industrial applications: satellites, power generation etc.
> Industrial process and back-up systems
> Booster-pump interconnected with critical HP pumping systems (such as marine diesel injection, multiplex systems, etc.)

Vanzetti Sub pumpThe pump is hermetically closed without any dynamic seal (seal-less) and installed inside a cryogenic vessel, totally submerged in the cryogenic liquid. Under these circumstances, the pump stays permanently in cold conditions, all the time ready to start. The pump is also suitable for a very quick and efficient start-and-stop service.

The built-in features of the pump – the fact it is seal-less, with motor bearings permanently lubricated by LNG – assure nonstop service / no-maintenance operations.

The pump can be easily adapted to customers’ needs because of a built-in kit system allowing to achieve two or four stages pumps.

The pump is normally delivered in a stainless steel high-vacuum insulated tank – max suction pressure of 18 bar – with min-max total differential head 50 – 280m (2 impellers, as requested by normal transfer or refueling operations), or 100-560m (4 impellers, assuring the medium discharge pressure as requested for instance by turbo-gas applications, etc.)


LNG refueling
Storages / Trucks / ISO-containers
loading / offloading
Industrial applications – satellites etc.
Industrial process and back-up
Booster pump

Direct with high frequency motor – VF drive

Fluid LNG – LIN – LAR
Min-max flow-rate 50 – 400 l/min

Min-max total differential head ΔH (m) 50 – 280
Max suction pressure (bar) 18
N° of stages 2
Motors Electric motor 13kW 6000rpm 400V 2P 104Hz

Min-max total differential head ΔH (m) 100 – 560
Max suction pressure (bar) 18
N° of stages 4
Motors Electric motor 22kW 6000rpm 400V 2P 104Hz



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